blog entries

09.06.21, 8:41 pm: well, shit. i totally forgot about this blog lol (sorry). i've been so busy with school that i've totally forgotten about all of my hobbies. i've barely listened to music even though it was the only thing i did all summer. english class is kicking my ass now, only because i'm bad at reading directions. i would have gotten a 100 on this poem, but i forgot to draw a fucking picture on it, and i got a 70. now i have around an 85 in the class and i was *so* mad when that happened. anyway, school has been alright, i haven't really made any friends, and i've been really insecure. oh yeah, by the way, i didn't get held back!! i was scared shitless about that, and to be honest, i don't think i would have gotten through that. there's this one other thing: i kind of like my friend's crush. obviously they don't like me back but still, it feels so wrong. i feel so guilty whenever we talk because i know my friend likes them. eughh. anyway, thanks for listening, see ya :) - l

07.30.21, 12:23 am: hi, people of the internet that just read (or didn't) my about page/introduction. welcome to my shittily coded blog!! i'm hoping i can figure out how to do the route thingy i've been trying to figure out for the past day, because i really wanna have a separate page for my blog entries, considering i'm probably gonna have a lot (woah no way). asdfjkl; about school, my first day is in less than two weeks and i'm scared shitless. i got covid around january and missed a bunch of school, so i didn't have enough credits to go to the next schoool year or however it works. besides school having always been a shitty experience for me, being held back definitely will not help. i found out i was repeating a grade in april of 2021, and since then, i've spent my spare time freaking the fuck out and contemplating my decisions. anyway, i'm not really sure what else to write in this entry. i guess this'll be the end of my very first blog entry ever. hope you enjoyed listening, see you later :)) - l